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Time for a change

Trail Explorers is becoming Bike Shop

When we started Trail Explorers back in June 2018 we had the aim to bring high quality outdoors equipment to Scarborough as well as be a Bike Shop, along the way we have learnt some lessons and changed our format a few times to better suit you our customers.

So now it is time to bring the next chapter, you might have seen that we have a big clearance event on, why, well we have reacted to our customer base and as such are moving for focus fully on our Bike Shop side of the business.

Our Cycle Servicing and Workshop is now the heart of our business along with bike sales. So with our continued drive to always focus on what works and be an agile business we are specialising more into the Biking world.

Be it with our bike brands Orbea, Lapierre, Mondraker, or Yeti or our leading parts and accessories from SRAM, Shimano, Raceface, and Deity just to name a few.

As always we will keep working to better serve you our customers.

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