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Littlebeck to Falling Foss – Circular

Route: Littlebeck to Falling Foss – Circular Route

Distance: 6km (3.7miles)

Minimum Hiking Time: 1hr 30min

Child Friendly Time: 2hrs

Elevation: 167m (548ft)

Date: 24.07.18


Littlebeck is a beautiful hamlet at the bottom of secluded valley with the stream running through it. It’s situated in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, near Whitby. There is a very picturesque walking route through Little Beck Wood leading to Falling Foss Waterfall with a beautiful Tea Garden located nearby.


We have parked at the Village Hall and left a small voluntary donation in a deposit box on the wall. To get to the start of the route we had to walk down the hill below. The view was absolutely amazing.

The start of the walking route will appear to your left just next to the bench.

After starting on the path, within a short distance you come up to the river that cuts the Nature Reserve in half.

After having a paddle in the river we’ve gone back onto the path again. When walking with children you need to be extra cautious as the paths get really narrow in some of the spots with big vertical drops but spectacular views down to the river below. In some of the places you could see streams and little waterfalls merging together.

On our walk we have stumbled across a cave carved into the rock face then climbed up the stairs just to the side over the top of the cave.

While walking you can notice how North Yorkshire Moors National Park team is investing into improving the route by replacing worn out sections of the park. At this point of the route expect to walk up and down quite a lot of hills.

As the Little Beck Wood is a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve you can spot a variety of insects and animals. We’ve been lucky enough to see this beautiful Peacock Butterfly.

The next section on the walk has been going through a lot of improvements as can be seen on the photo below.

After a short, sharp climb we could admire a beautiful view. It’s a perfect spot for a break if walking with children.

The Hermitage is thought to have been carved out of the single rock in 1790 as inscribed above the doorway reputedly by George Chubb whose initials are also engraved above the door.

Climb on top of the boulder to find two “wishing chairs” also carved out of the rock. It is said that if you make a wish while sitting in one of them you must then sit in the other one to make the wish come true.

From the Hermitage the trail looks to have a natural fork. At this point we have chosen to walk to the left of it as the route seemed wider and more accessible at the time. That route took us to the Falling Foss Waterfall where we’ve visited the Falling Foss Tea Garden just to the right hand side of the path.

If living the Tea Garden walk over the small wooden bridge to your right and then walk up through the car park to find a stone bridge. Depending on the time of the year you may be able to have a paddle in the river.

Climb up the hill just before the bridge to get onto the road below that leads up and through the farm.

Once walking through the metal gate through the farm walk along the track. Be aware this is an active farm with grazing cattle.

Once getting to the top of the track turn right and carry on walking through the field until you reach the river.

To the left of the river you’ll be walking up on the stony path. Watch out for baby frogs. There was lots of them around as we’ve walked by.

At the point below you’ll see that the route has been diverted away from the farm. Follow the steps into the field and join the road.

At the finger post take the right hand option and walk down the field to the gate.

The gate will lead you onto the next open field where you need to pass the big tree and hug the hedge to the left. If you have a picnic that would probably be your perfect spot for a break.

Once leaving the field you’ll be walking down a narrow un-maintained  path with wooden steps leading you into the forest.

The route ends with a quick stream crossing that you may want to check for accessibility at the start of the walk. We’ve been when the weather was very hot so the stream was easy to cross even for a 5 year old. After crossing you need to continue climbing up the hill to get to the car park.

Fancy walking or running the route, click the map bellow to go to our Strava route.

N.B. Moving time is based on running the trail.

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