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Events and Community

Orbea Demo Day

Back when Trail Explorers launched we wanted to do more than just sell Clothing and Bikes. We wanted to help bring a community together and help by listing and hosting events. To do that we needed to be sure that we had the features it make it work.

Today we are launching those new features.


A home for local events from all clubs, groups, and organisations.

If it is an outdoors event we will happily list the event for you, as our site is fully linked with Google this will also make your event show up in the Google Event feeds.

How do i add my event?

Please use our Contact Form on the Events page to add your event.

My event is ran by a company is it still OK to post it?

Yes that is fine, we will not be able to manage ticketing for you at this point but we will be able to in the future.


A place to come together and talk about the things we love, the Outdoors.
If you are attending, looking to attend, or just looking to catch up with like minded folk then our community is the home for it.
All we ask is that it is not used for selling, we will not sell our goods in the group and we expect the same in return.

How to join the community

  1. Have a Facebook Account

    If you don’t already have a Facebook account you will need one

  2. Click this link to be taken to the Community


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