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Time for a change

Trail Explorers is becoming Bike Shop

When we started Trail Explorers back in June 2018 we had the aim to bring high quality outdoors equipment to Scarborough as well as be a Bike Shop, along the way we have learnt some lessons and changed our format a few times to better suit you our customers. So now it is time to[…]

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Events and Community

Orbea Demo Day

Back when Trail Explorers launched we wanted to do more than just sell Clothing and Bikes. We wanted to help bring a community together and help by listing and hosting events. To do that we needed to be sure that we had the features it make it work. Today we are launching those new features.[…]

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A New Era for Cycling

Road riders and their bikes are going farther and faster than ever before. And when there’s no more road, we still keep on going. But one thing hasn’t changed: we’re always looking to push the boundaries a little further. In short, riders and bikes are both capable of doing more than ever before. To continue[…]

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The Orbea Enduro Team project started out in January 2018.It was our return to the Enduro World Series following the Orbea Enduro Crew. It’s been almost a year since our return to top enduro competition and we’ve learned a lot. This goes along with our nature that just won’t let us settle for second best, that makes us always[…]

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Littlebeck to Falling Foss – Circular

Route: Littlebeck to Falling Foss – Circular Route Distance: 6km (3.7miles) Minimum Hiking Time: 1hr 30min Child Friendly Time: 2hrs Elevation: 167m (548ft) Date: 24.07.18   Littlebeck is a beautiful hamlet at the bottom of secluded valley with the stream running through it. It’s situated in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, near Whitby. There[…]

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MTB Jargon buster

The Jargon buster Bail v. Leaping off the bike to avoid a more serious crash. Best done into a soft pile of leaves at the side of a trail. “Thank God I bailed before I hit that tree.” Berm “I went so fast around that berm.”n. A banked corner that can be ridden faster than a flat corner. A very[…]

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MTB Bike Styles

Mountain biking is great fun because of the huge variety of riding and terrain most mountain bikes can tackle. ADVERTISEMENT That means there’s a whole range of exciting but potentially confusing types of MTB to choose between. Don’t worry though, this guide should help you through all the options to choose the perfect mountain bike[…]

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MTB Buying Guide

Orbea Rallon

Mountain Bikes are tough and versatile machines which are designed to take challenging terrain in their stride. There’s a vast array of Mountain Bikes available from beginner-friendly builds to more specialised models that are equipped with cutting edge technology. The type of Mountain Bike you choose will depend on the type of riding you do,[…]