About Us

Trail Explorers – Who are we?
We don’t just want to be another shop we want to be different and to do that we need to support you more, so why not come down and see just how much different we are.
We understand that you need space to roam. When you buy a bike you can’t tell if it’s right by just sitting on it, when buying some boots you can’t tell the grip they offer on a nice indoor floor or by looking in a mirror. That is why we have the only indoor product testing area in Scarborough for both Bikes and Shoes.
Test it, Try it, Fall in love with it.
That is the more emotive side of who we are so now to the more Business side. Trail Explorers is a registered company trading as Trail Explorers, we are funded by the government under the British Business Bank and so although we are new we have a lot wealth of knowledge behind us.
This has enabled us to think big and really push the boat of what Retail can be and so has allowed us to attract big name brands that have not reached the East Coast shores of Scarborough.
Here are the brands:

These are just some of the headline brands we will have in store and online, we also have the ability to order in any special range items we just don’t have the space to store.

We wanted to be different and to do that you have to think differently and be bold, people say High Street is dead well we say it is if you don’t move with the times. Be different, offer the experience, and most of all love what you sell.

Our shop is located at the following;

Trail Explorers
5-8 Balmoral Centre

Tel: 01723370557

VAT Number GB 298 8200 61